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Advisory and administration services in Mallorca

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Reese Consult is a boutique advisory firm specialising on real estate conveyance and international and local tax advice for residents as well as non-residents. We offer advisory services within the real estate sector, combining international insight with local knowledge.


Anne Reese is a Norwegian qualified lawyer and UK qualified Chartered Accountant based in Mallorca for the last ten years. Anne set up Reese Consult combining her earlier international work experience from legal and tax advice in London and Norway with Spanish and Mallorquin local knowledge, providing a unique base of work experience and cultural insight.


We offer a multi-language team, speaking English, Spanish as well as all Scandinavian languages. Even more importantly, we offer a team with the cultural insight to meet the Northern European client´s expectation of service and communication, while transforming such service levels into the Spanish work environment.


Reese Consult is an advisory firm based in Mallorca with a focus on providing personalised service with direct communication lines between the client and the lawyer. Our aim is that the client is involved and informed during the whole assignment, but also to be able to rest assured that his or her interest is fully taken care of. We like to keep in contact with old clients and after-job services is an obvious part of the package.

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